Ecoli Sense makes real-time bacteria detection sensors using cutting edge nanotechnology and state of the art calibration techniques. Our solution makes monitoring low-cost and easy to use with an IOT enabled dashboard and analytics tools.

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The first real-time bacteria sensor of its kind - we are making it easier to assess water quality and make a global change.


Through our dashboard and analytics, we show real-time data in an appealing and easy to use interface.


Antibody Based Identification

Bacteria Specific Targeting

Real-time Monitoring

Large Y-shaped proteins called antibodies identify and remove foreign targets like viruses and bacteria. Each antibody targets a specific antigen by binding to it using the two tips of its "Y" structure.
Our detection sensors act like antibodies so that they can detect the type and amount of E. coli strains in real-time.


This technology marks a start to real-time bacteria detection. Currently, bacteria monitoring is done through manual weekly or monthly samples that are sent to the lab for analysis. Normally, lab analysis takes around 18 - 72 hours until results are available. Ecoli Sense wants to innovate real-time monitoring by making this technology available for bacteria detection.

Quality control to ensure safe drinking water in private wells and municipalities.

Representative samples can be taken for continuous monitoring in ponds or lakes

Inspect surface runoff for the presence of E. coli


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